Clients can bring a number of issues to counselling. No issue is ever felt or experienced in the same way with you, as it might be with someone else. However, you are not alone. Research studies, and my own thoughtful consideration of what clients describe and tell me, means I can help you with confidence and care.

Some issues clients may bring are: depression; relationship problems; addiction; anxiety; panic attacks; low self esteem and confidence; work stress; bullying; childhood trauma; childhood abuse; adult abuse; PTSD; bereavement; suicide; loneliness; OCD; identity issues; friendship group problems.

There are also many more issues that I have helped clients with. I would also like to say that I do not see clients only in terms of the issues and difficulties they may bring. Working humanistically means I see you as a whole human being with strengths and talents. Realising this and integrating these unique aspects of yourself into how you live and know yourself is fundamental to feeling better and making change.