About counselling

Finding out about counselling often comes during periods of feeling overwhelmed or stuck. It could be that an experience that happened in your past is causing you deep distress now. Or you might be struggling with problems to do with your circumstances, or a particular relationship. You may feel that you want to change how your life is working out, or how you feel about yourself. By coming to me, I can help you understand more about your difficulties. And also what makes you feel better. Working through problems, gaining a deeper understanding of what keeps you stuck and how to make changes will help you engage more fully in your life.

Getting to know you will give me knowledge about how best I can help and support you. I will also better understand the challenges you may need to overcome in order to make positive and ongoing change. I will notice if you avoid certain challenges, and help you meet whatever is right for you.

I offer short, mid and long-term counselling.