About me

I am a humanistic, person centred counsellor using an integrative approach. This means I have trained in more than one counselling approach.  Working with different styles of counselling means I can find the best approach for you.

I have extensive counselling experience and have worked in many counselling settings: in a female only counselling service; within addiction recovery treatment centres; counselling students in an educational setting; and adult counselling services such as Mind and 1-2-1 Counselling in York.

I have experience working with clients from all backgrounds, including many nationalities, and I work with an extensive range of issues.

I am a conscientious and caring person with natural warmth. I have great resolve to help you make real and lasting change and enable a resilient sense of well-being.

I hold the relationship between myself and the client central to my work. This means I hope to work towards and establish trust between me and my clients.  This can come quickly but, depending on past experiences, it can sometimes take a long time. Being with you as you face difficulties will be a powerful part of our work together. Initially, feeling vulnerable with me may be a challenge in itself. But this can provide a starting point for therapeutic change.

My extensive counselling experience, skills and commitment to all my clients ensure a safe and grounded approach for new clients thinking about counselling.

I have monthly supervision and follow the BACP principles of good practice and ethics.  I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I regularly attend counselling workshops to develop my skills and maintain an excellent standard of counselling practice.

I am covered by indemnity insurance.

About counselling

Finding out about counselling often comes during periods of feeling overwhelmed or stuck. It could be that an experience that happened in your past is causing you deep distress now. Or you might be struggling with problems to do with your circumstances, or a particular relationship. You may feel that you want to change how your life is working out, or how you feel about yourself. By coming to me, I can help you understand more about your difficulties. And also what makes you feel better. Working through problems, gaining a deeper understanding of what keeps you stuck and how to make changes will help you engage more fully in your life.

Getting to know you will give me knowledge about how best I can help and support you. I will also better understand the challenges you may need to overcome in order to make positive and ongoing change. I will notice if you avoid certain challenges, and help you meet whatever is right for you.

I offer short, mid and long-term counselling.


Clients can bring a number of issues to counselling.  No issue is ever felt or experienced in the same way with you, as it might be with someone else. However, you are not alone.  Research studies, and my own thoughtful consideration of what clients describe and tell me, means I can help you with confidence and care.

Some issues clients may bring are: depression; relationship problems; addiction; anxiety; panic attacks; low self esteem and confidence; work stress; bullying; childhood trauma; childhood abuse; adult abuse; PTSD; bereavement; suicide; loneliness; OCD; identity issues; friendship group problems.

There are also many more issues that I have helped clients with.  I would also like to say that I do not see clients only in terms of the issues and difficulties they may bring.  Working humanistically means I see you as a whole human being with strengths and talents.  Realising this and integrating these unique aspects of yourself into how you live and know yourself is fundamental to feeling better and making change.


I work in the centre of York and not far from the University at, Friargate Meeting House, York.

You can expect a comfortable, safe space where you will be listened to and not judged. The counselling room is on the first floor, and is wheelchair accessible.  There is a relaxed waiting area with coffee and tea available.

Bus stops are very close by. It’s also possible to lock bikes outside the building on bike racks.


The first session is £25.00 while you try things out and decide whether you would like to continue.

£40.00 per hour session normal rate.

There are some reduced rates sessions available for clients with a low income, including students who are funding the counselling themselves.


If you would like to meet to try a first session and get an impression of how counselling with me may be, or if you would like to call to ask a question before trying things out, you can contact me by phone or email below:

Email: yorvikcounselling@gmail.com

Tel: 07856 813473

If you get the answerphone please leave your name and number and details of when best to contact you.  I will call you back as soon as possible, always within 24 hours.